Paypal Balance Payment Option

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Hello :wave: I was hoping to request the ability to be able to pay for netlify pro or analytics for our projects with the paypal balance.

For example:
Use the PayPal balance to pay for one year worth of Netlify Analytics for $120.

Briefly summarize the issues you have been experiencing.
Can’t pay for features with Paypal balance.

Please provide a link to your live site hosted on Netlify

What have you tried as far as troubleshooting goes? Do you have an idea what is causing the problem?
I don’t believe there is any way to troubleshoot this as no options exist besides a credit card.

Do you have any other information that is relevant, such as links to docs, libraries, or other resources?
Small website projects can have small contributors donation from paypal users. Using this paypal balance can be a nice way to provide additional features from netlify.


hi @Skillz - thanks for outlining this for us! Totally agree that accepting payment thru paypal would be a great enhancement and convenient for a variety of folks. It is on our radar, and I have added your post to the chorus, but at the moment i can’t tell you if and when this might be implemented.

We will pop back here and respond on this thread should there be any movement on this.

thanks again for bringing it up!


Where I am from, people and companies barely use credit cards.
I just hit my build limit and am feeling anxiety hit in…

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Hi HDauven, which site is this regarding? by build limit, are you referring to build minutes?

Hi Perry,

I’m referring to build minutes, yes.
This goes for all my sites, but I’m mostly worried about the website of my business Mochavi going down.

I don’t mind paying for the build minutes, but am unable to do so. :sweat_smile:

hey @HDauven - i hear you! I have added your voice to the chorus in adding paypal support.

I am not sure of a timeline for this, but I promise that we’ll let you know asap as soon as there is movement on this. If, in the meantime, can you tell us the netlify site name you are most concerned about, please?


Hi @perry,

Thank you for the response. Looking forward to new payment options!
It’s about

Thank you and stay safe!

hi @HDauven, I am not sure when new payment options will be available, but if that site does experience billing problems, I think your best option is to try and contact us either here or via by chosing “billing” in the dropdown menu.

@perry, I feel this Paypal payment option is very important.

I’m helping with an international effort related to medical equipment in this Covid crisis,
and Netlify is already becoming central to the emerging architecture - i.e. we’re up and using it.

This may or not fit the Free tier; may or may not get qualified for your Open Source programs,
even though it entirely is Open Source, in what it is doing and its driving philosophy as well as software and content produced.

We need an available way to pay before any of these factors can be known, and a) credit cards internationally are a problem, b) credit cards are a serious problem as you’ll be aware on risk of security incidents that happen constantly, c) credit cards are a problem for many persons and countries on other basis, such as youth, or other things you can imagine in cultures and personal situations.

Thus I’m very interested that we have a solid payment architecture as well as the other kinds, and grant givers will want to know just as clearly. You at Netlify could certainly help us and many others would suspect, if you would enable Paypal now.

Many thanks,

hey clive, we’re happy to share with you that COVID-19 related sites are definitely supported by our extended open source plan.

You can read more here,

and apply here.

We’re seen a lot of applications come through, but I promise we will get to you. If you incur overages before we upgrade your account, we can talk about getting that resolved after the fact. Thank you for helping the relief effort!

I would have to agree.

the fact that credit card is the sole payment option is incredibly frustrating for anyone outside the US.

I don’t quite understand why this has such a low priority for the netlify team. While it’s none of my business, of course, could you perhaps elaborate as to why this is the case? @perry

Hi @x912,

We’ve gotten about a dozen requests to pay via paypal; we collect thousands of payments a month via credit card. So, we’ve optimized for the path that is by far most used, rather than the ones that are less requested.

Nothing sinister, just trying to put our engineering efforts in the place that will help us succeed as a business. We’ve recorded your feature request, and that adds another to the list of requesters. Someday, I imagine there will be enough that it will make financial sense for us to write the necessary code to support paypal, and we’ll let you know in this thread if we do!

hey, thanks for your reply. it just sounds a bit weird since you cannot expect everyone who feels inconvenienced by the fact that they are unable to pay to voice their concerns as I’m pretty sure you know. so these dozen people who requested it are a fraction of the people it affects. we generally noticed that adding more payment methods increased our throughput by respectable amounts.

anyhow, I still thank you for the time and effort you put into voicing your response and I wouldn’t want you guys to feel like I’m being nosy and annoying. I really do love your service!

Yup, I agree with your assertion. Since I don’t write the code, what I can do is pass your opinion (and mine) on to our product team with feature requests like these. They are well aware of the “iceberg phenomenon” that says something like “the people who report a problem are a small percentage of the people affected by it”. I think in this case it may be a bigger percentage reporting than usual - since we motivate you to find some way to pay by disabling accounts for nonpayment. So, maybe we hear from a higher percentage of affected folks - but we know it isn’t everyone.

Thanks again for the feedback - it really is heard, and appreciated!