Payment expired, sites disabled, and now cannot update billing information

I’m on the Starter plan but I have paid Netlify to register several domains.

I’m trying to update credit card information, but I seem to be locked out of my account.

  1. In November one of my domains came up for renewal, and my credit card information was out of date.
  2. Netlify sent emails asking my to update my credit card information.
  3. Unfortunately, those emails got lost in my inbox, and I never saw them.
  4. Netlify then sent me a " Your sites are suspended due to non-payment" email.
  5. I also missed that email.
  6. Today, eventually I noticed one of my other sites was down (not the one whose domain registrations needed renewal)
  7. When I tried to log into Netlify I found that my account seemed to be in some kind of semi-suspended state. None of my apps are visible, and I cannot get to the page where I can update payment. Also on some browsers the main site does not respond at all.

How can I update my payment information?


You should b eable to update your payment method now. Please reply in your ticket for further assistance.