Parse CMS in one json

I implemented the Netlify CMS is my code.

Right now my site is populating all the blog post from a query in a data json.

All my blog post are listed on after the other

 "blog": [
  "id": 1,
  "title": "Real home corporation",
  "thumbnail_url": "../../assets/image/agency/blog/bpost1.jpg",
  "date": "November 02, 2018",
  "postLink": "#1"

  "id": 2,
  "title": "Sheltech developer ltd.",
  "thumbnail_url": "../../assets/image/agency/blog/blog-img2.png",
  "date": "November 12, 2018",
  "postLink": "#2"

  "id": 3,
  "title": "Alt architecture co.",
  "thumbnail_url": "../../assets/image/agency/blog/blog-img3.png",
  "date": "December 09, 2018",
  "postLink": "#3"


and I would like my post created on the netflify CMS to be parse in the same json.

I’m not able to find a proper way in the documentation.

If someone could help this can be great !

Thanks in advance

Listed, how exactly? Via a graphql query? Via an API query from what source?
I’m trying to understand if this is a shortcoming of the CMS, or of your site layout that you can fix via the site generator instead.