Pages crawled not Indexed google err msg


Google is telling me that these 4 pages have been crawled but not indexed:

But I have no idea where these pages are coming from because they are not from my site…I never built them and they are not in my github repo
should i just ignore this since it has nothing to do with my site?


Yes. That most likely means some crawler is trying random pages to find vulnerabilities in e.g. PHP or WordPress, or that someone is accessing the wrong site.

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Thanks for the reply.

Oh, the other thing to check is what sites are backlinking to you (Google does that a little in their Search Console; but I prefer Ahrefs for a more complete (and easier to navigate) picture of links to my sites, although they seem to be getting blocked more frequently so I’m not sure if they crawl too aggressively and I will need to switch to another service).