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Page still direct to old netlify subdomain name after I changed it


Complete netlify newbie here. I did two things yesterday and they broke my site (shibalytics.com), not sure which one did the trick.

First thing I did, I edited my default netlify subdomain name, from original randomly assigned name “lucid-cray-587379.netlify.app” to “shibalytics.netlify.app”. Second thing I did, I deleted a secondary domain that should be redirected to my primary domain.

After I did the second thing, the “custom domain” section on my netlify page has been saying “waiting for DNS propagation”. I understand this could take 24-48 hours, but at the same time I can still open shibalytics.com, and if I go to shibalytics.com, one of the page still points to my original netlify subdomain name “lucid-cray-587379.netlify.app”. So I am not sure what exactly broke my site right now.

Please help. I am so confused right now.

Hi @whats-in-the-box

What it appears you have done is remove the www.shibalytics.com domain. You’ll want to add this again.
The reason the “About Me” page goes back to your original netlify.app URL and the reason none of the resources (CSS, JS, etc.) load is because you have that URL hard-coded into the links/srces in the page. I.E.

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Thanks for the update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.

Thanks! I added the www.shibalytics.com back on, and I also found that line of code and changed it to my new netlify subdomain. Everything works now!