"Page resources not / not found" error on first page load on Chrome (not incognito), and just the front page

netlify site name: https://main--mattbiewener.netlify.app/

custom domain: https://mattbiewener.com

On initial page load, I’m seeing this error in the console:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: page resources for / not found. Not rendering React

This only happens (1) on the front page, (2) in Chrome (not incognito), and (3) using the custom domain (https://mattbiewener.com) rather than the netlify domain (https://main--mattbiewener.netlify.app/). Hard refresh produces the rendered page as expected, but a simple refresh after that returns the state to a blank page with the error above.

I’ve seen variations on this issue before, but I’m not sure if this is a Gatsby, Netlify, DNS, or browser issue – so apologies if the answer is actually already out there. And thanks for any help!

Tried refreshing your page many times, didn’t see the error. Did something fix itself?

Sorry for the delay, @hrishikesh. I’m still seeing the error on my end. Are the conditions that I describe the same for you (e.g., Chrome, not incognito, front page, custom domain)?

Surprisingly, yeah. I’m using Chrome 90 (non-incognito) on Windows 10. You can see the page and domain in screenshot:

The analytics script is getting blocked because of my adblocker. If I turn it off, the error is gone.