Page Not Found when refreshing a page, which is not the landing-page

I have a page which shows “Page not found” after reloading a page, that is not the landing-page. Same problem, when I use a direkt link to a page, which is not the landing-page. I included “/* /index.html 200” in the _redirects file – but it does not work. It’s the site with the APP ID: d74975d0-2f6a-4673-92af-bddb42a256af Any ideas?

The _redirects file must end up in the directory you publish.

This is a great thread about the “Page not found” error

@snorkypie thanks… other redirects work from the file work, so I think it ends up in the right folder. Also I am building through Gatsby Cloud and then pushing to Netlify. I went through the article you sent, and tried everything. No luck.

Hi, @niklas_mobydigg. The redirect you mention is the solution:

/* /index.html 200

However, your site doesn’t include that redirect. You can download the deployed site to examine the _redirects file uploaded using the button shown in the screenshot below:


This button is found on the deploy details page for all successful deploys. The currently published deploy for this site is 602306e0adadb33250e52af6. If you look at the _redirects file in that deploy, you will see that the redirect rule you mentioned is missing there.

The solution will be to add that rule to the _redirects file when deploying.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions about this.

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