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Page not found when I refresh on other routes

Hello , I get an issue when I try to refresh my app from other routes , the index route working fine , but other routes when I refresh the page I got the 404 error (page not found of netlify).
I use ReactJs app this is the link www.yavajob.com.
for example if I refresh yavajob.com it’s working because it s the home route .
when I refresh for example this route www.yavajob.com/who I got the error 404.
please any help or suggestion , thanks.

This is a pretty common issue with React Router and if searched there’re a lot of solutions. Just add a redirect rule in a _redirects file: /* /index.html 200 That should work.

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thanks , I will try it.

it works when added _redirects inside public folder , thanks again.


Can you explain in more detail? i have the same problem.
What should i do?

Create a file with the name _redirects in the root of your repository. Add the following content to it: /* /index.html 200

Hi , go to public folder and add _redirects file and inside it add this line /* /index.html 200

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this is not work for me here is my App URL when I do Refresh I get 404 not found https://ravindrakumar.netlify.app – refresh work here
https://ravindrakumar.netlify.app/TechSkill - refresh break here

Hi @Ravinpatel,

The refresh seems to work fine when I try it. Are you still seeing the issue?