Page not found. says its working but i cant find it

It shows that I have an index.html where it should be. I have tried reloading it a few times and cant get it to find the page. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong.

6:49:26 PM: Build ready to start

6:49:28 PM: build-image version: d84c79427e8f83c1ba17bcdd7b3fe38059376b68

6:49:28 PM: build-image tag: v3.6.1

6:49:28 PM: buildbot version: 2e994c874dd551982059545cd109ce3b21bce257

6:49:28 PM: Fetching cached dependencies

6:49:28 PM: Failed to fetch cache, continuing with build

6:49:28 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build

6:49:28 PM: No cached dependencies found. Cloning fresh repo

6:49:28 PM: git clone

6:49:29 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/main

6:49:30 PM: No build steps found, continuing to publishing

6:49:30 PM: Starting to deploy site from ‘/’

6:49:30 PM: Creating deploy tree

6:49:30 PM: Creating deploy upload records

6:49:30 PM: 0 new files to upload

6:49:30 PM: 0 new functions to upload

6:49:30 PM: Starting post processing

6:49:30 PM: Post processing - HTML

6:49:30 PM: Post processing - header rules

6:49:30 PM: Post processing - redirect rules

6:49:30 PM: Post processing done

6:49:31 PM: Finished processing build request in 2.988273137s

6:49:31 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

Have you configured your base path to be rock paper scissors game? Also your build command and publish path should be empty.

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It would be useful to have a screenshot of your build command settings found in the Netlify Dashboard.

do you mean Base directory?

Screenshot 2021-01-21 121913

Yes I do mean that. Base directory.

I changed that and still page not found. new and learning.

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Did you publish your website again?

Yep looks like what I expected,

You could add a publish directory of ‘rock paper scissors game’ or @hrishikesh explains a good way which just means delete the ‘rock paper scissors game’ folder and put all the files in the root.


so delete everything but the root in git hub and redeploy?

So delete the folder called rock paper scissors game and just put all the files that are inside that folder in the root of the folder you are uploading to Netlify or pushing to Github.

What you’ve done is cloned from git into a folder, then pushed the entire folder to Github without telling Netlify to publish the rock paper scissors folder.

Awesome I got rid of that folder and redeployed everything to git hub and it works.
Thank you everybody for the help. lesson learned!

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Great! Glad we got it working for you.

I can see that at the start of this post you have linked to a false Netlify Domain ( Could you change it real quick?


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