Page Not Found on one React Router endpoint

Hello everyone!

I’m deploying a basic movie app with React ( . Everything is deployed successfully, i get to log in and interact with the information, the problem comes when i get to the “Profile” endpoint (, which is a React Router endpoint, when i click there i get the error 404 - Page Not Found.

What calls my attention is that the project does work on my localhost, but whenever it’s deployed i get that error ONLY on the /profile end point.

I had specify the “dist” folder as a Publish directory and the Build command is set to “parcel build” and in another test to “parcel build public/index.html --public-url /”. The site does deploy but on that specific endpoint it gets the error.

I have also added a “_redirects” file with “/* /index.html 200” but it doesn’t seem to help.

I have created a user and password in case you want to test it yourself:



In case you need it, my repository is GitHub - roswerk/90s-Movie-API-client: Client side of the 90's Movies API

Sorry if this question is redundant, but i couldn’t find any other solution for this.

Thank you

Your redirects file isn’t being read for some reason. See the top of deploy logs here, quoted below:

Would you please be sure that the file named _redirects is being put in the publish directory before the deploy is finished? If that is done, the redirect should start working and the URL you mention should work as well.

If not or if there are any questions, please let us know.