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Good day all,

I have managed to deploy a single page to netlify. However, when I try to click on another link, it says the page is not found. The thing is, when I am using localhost, the website manages to run. This is my folder structure. In these folders as you can see, I do have an index.html file. I am also pretty lost here in terms of how to structure my folder as I’m really new to this and I’m still trying to learn.

-Webbase //main page
------ index.html
------ interactive.js
------ web_base.css
-audio //page to go next
------ index.html
-index.js //for routing
-netlify.toml //for redirect?

I am currently not using any CI/CD integration as I am still very new to this. I have also included my github repo over here GitHub - sourdurian/deploy

Thanks a lot!Preformatted text

Hi @Sourdurian,

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. The main page lives inside a sub-folder? This will not work.

Netlify needs an index.html at the root of the publish folder. So, I’d advise to move everything inside the web base folder and route accordingly. So the index.html of the web base folder will actually become the home page of your website.

Hi Hrishikesh,

I was confused because I was under the impression that the audio html file has to also be an index.html file. okie i’ll try it again and if there’s any issue i’ll come back here. thanks!

Yes, you can have any number of index.html files provided they’re all in a different folder. It will basically show you audio/index.html page at website.com/audio/.

Also, you’ll have to remove the netlify.toml file as currently it has an invalid configuration and with your setup, you probably don’t need one at the moment.