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Page Not found for the typeform link (click on the "Sales training")

Hi there,
I have a problem with the one link on my page: yTalent When I want to access the typeform from the button sales training, it says “Page Not Found”. It was working normally and from one moment that just stopped working. Also I have all the deployment settings correctly set up.

I think the URL you’re looking for is: /salestrainingtypeform.html. That’s what the file is named in your deploy. However, when I visit, Sales training, I get a blank page.

Hi, how can I fix that? I haven’t changed the file name…

Well, I’m not sure. The file definitely exists at the URL I mentioned. The simplest fix would be to link to the new URL instead of the old one.

So, I should delete this page on netlify and make a new one with new link? Sorry if it’s very basic thing, I’m new to this.

No. No need to delete anything from Netlify. On this page: https://optimistic-lichterman-4db04d.netlify.app/salestraining.html, change the link from https://optimistic-lichterman-4db04d.netlify.app/salestraininggit%20typeform.html to https://optimistic-lichterman-4db04d.netlify.app/salestrainingtypeform.html and re-deploy.

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Sorry but I don’t understand how to do that and where…

I’ve made changes in URL and then “Trigger deploy” and I got Failed

You need to change your website’s code. The <a> tag that you have added:


You need to change that to href = "/salestrainingtypeform.html"

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I have done then and when deploying is still failed

I’m not sure why you added a build command. Your website is already built.

You need to keep build command and publish directory unset (do not keep any text in it).


It’s working now! Thank you! :slight_smile: