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Page not found error when I click login which redirects to auth0 (Works locally)

My app works in development but when I deployed it I get a page not found error. This occurs when I click the login button which calls Auth0 loginwithredirect method. I tried adding a _redirects file with this line /* /index.html 200. I placed this file in the build folder which I thought would fix the problem but for some reason the error still occurs.

The _redirects file needs to end up in folder that is deployed by Netlify.

I’m not sure what system you’re using, but if you’re using one that takes files from an input to an output (and erases the output each time), then you’ll need to make sure to put the _redirects file into the input so that it gets copied to the output.

Run your build locally and make sure the file ends up in the right place.