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Page Not Found error, please help!

My site has deployed fine and displays pages correctly, however I have 2 issues.

(site name: https://authenticate-application.netlify.app)

  1. Once the user signs up they are sent an email with a link back to an email activation page on the website. When running locally, the link redirects to the email-activation page (‘https://localhosturl/email-confirmation/:id’.) correctly. However when deployed, the link that redirects the user to the activation page (‘Authentication application’.) shows a 404 page not found error.

Screenshot (79)

  1. If I navigate to a page, say https://authentication-application.netlify.app/sign-in by clicking on the website it works fine, however if I manually type in the URL I also get the 404 page not found error. Any help is appreciated!!


Could you share the site name?