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Page not found error - can't see a solution elsewhere

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I get a page not found error and don’t know why.

Welcome to the forums @kirstycrtr

You don’t appear to have an index.html as mentioned in this support guide.

Thanks so much for the response.
I wasn’t sure whether it actually had to be that exactly - index.html. I named my files differently and I thought I saw in another thread that it didn’t have to be that exact. My home page is indexccportfolio.html. Does that mean I will have to rename them on my local drive, in my code editor and then reupload to github?
So - if I have many sites they must all have a file called index.html - is that correct?

You need an index.html in the root of your project which is served up at https://kirstycartertech.netlify.app. You can then have an about.html, portfolio.html, and so on.

If you have a sub-directory (e.g. gallery https://kirstycartertech.netlify.app/gallery/) that sub-directory also needs an index.html file in it.

I have a basic drag and drop site here or one with a sub-directory (and functions) here if you need a little further reference.

Ok - thanks again - but I’m just a beginner so I have some questions:

What does “served up” mean?
I don’t get what goes in the index.html file that’s not already in the other file - indexccportfolio.html.
This seems to mean I should rename the indexccportfolio file to index.html. Otherwise I’ll have two
files with the same info in them?? Or can the index.html file just be empty?
What is a basic drag and drop site? I can add my site to Github with the command line on mac.
Where am I dragging and dropping to - github?

Thanks again.

Yes rename it. If your index.html file is empty, people will only see a blank page when they visit your site.

You could put your site into a git repository and deploy from there if you wish. Here is the Create deploys docs. Here are a couple more resources: Netlify Tutorial – Drag and drop deploys on Netlify - YouTube and Netlify Tutorial –Deploying from Git - YouTube

Thanks again. I will look at those links.
Just to check - that means that every root directory and every sub-directory (that has html) must have a html file and these files all have the same name - index.html. Is that right?

Yes, but you can have other HTML files as well, but the index.html is required.

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