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Page not found custom domain

I added a cname record “contabil.hunno.com.br” in cloudflare to “contabil-hunno.netlify.app” and the feedback I have when accessing it is 404 page not found, could you help me?

CloudFlare proxy off

Hi there! We’ve created this DNS Quickstart guide for this very purpose - to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Please take a look - we have many resources listed at the bottom, too. And, there are tons of DNS questions you can access through our search! If your problem still persists after reading through all relevant guides, please post again and we will troubleshoot with you.

My problem still persists, added cname registration as the main ticket image.

Hi, @marciopollo. That custom domain hasn’t been added to any sites at Netlify. The first step will be to add the custom domain here:


Also, you have made the following DNS record an A type record:

contabil.hunno.com.br.   300	IN	A

This should be a CNAME record pointing to the site subdomain at Netlify like so:

contabil.hunno.com.br.   300	IN	CNAME	contabil-hunno.netlify.app.

If it still doesn’t work after making those changes or if there are other questions, please let us know.

I deleted the dns type A as mentioned and added the cname record as an example given to me and I still have the same problem.

Hi, @marciopollo. The domain in question is already being used on a different team at Netlify. We have a support guide about this here:

If you create the verification DNS record we can remove the domain from the other team. ​Please let us know if there are questions or if the verification record has been created.

Hi, DNS record for verification created.

hi there, we were able to verify you successfully, and you should now be able to add that domain to your account.

hi, thank you very much, everything is working perfectly.