Page Not Found - broken links - can't refresh some pages

hello there!

have my site deployed and reachable

but any time I reload any page except the home page, I get this


I try many things, downloaded the deployed site, and yes I have an index.html
everything is working fine except refreshing the pages outside the home page lead to broken links…

the site was deployed from GitHub

anything I could do to fix it - Admin - where are u :sunglasses:

Add a _redirects file in your public folder with the text: /* index.html 200.

added _redirects to the public folder with /* index.html 200

still the same :face_with_monocle:

My bad, it’s /index.html and not index.html.

@olumide025 Does this help?

hey captain @gregraven

added public/_redirects and content /index.html

still not working… still the same…
just noticed this as well, if I try any URL directly except the home URL, I get errors(same errors)
like the

Share you repo then.

here it is:

The _redirects file is wrong. It should be /* /index.html 200. Please refer to the guide @gregraven linked on read the documentation for more information on the syntax.

oh, you told me to change it back to /index.html …
anyway will try it now

thanks for your help!

working now

@hrishikesh suddenly! I realized I could speak german and mandarin incase you are interested :sunglasses: