Page loads blank on desktop (fine after refresh!), connection lost on mobile

Hello, I would like to ask for help with a new problem that occurred yesterday evening at

It runs main branch of a nextjs + strapi project.

On desktop, often the first page load does not work, it just empty page with no payload. When the page is reloaded, it all works fine. But on mobile (safari on ipad and iphone), it says connection lost and does not work at all. says no FCP event.

This problem only appeared around 8pm gmt+1 yesterday, it all worked fine before.
The only merge commit yesterday was related to images and menu links, and it worked fine for a while.
I don’t remember making any relevant changes to Netlify setup at that time.

Please advise.


Same thing runs just fine on Vercel and a Digital Ocean server.

Sometimes it also loads this:

I have the exact same problem with my next 13 site.

Me too, using Next 13 + app directory: When i open my app sometime it says hmmm ...... can't reach this page - #3 by Arminas

It seems the issue has been resolved sometime yesterday.
But it was not acknowledged, no answer here and no trace of it at Netlify Status - Incident History

Makes me second guess committing to this platform.

The above reports are not actionable messages, I’m afraid. If you are running into issues, help us with a x-nf-request-id header or a HAR file recording. If not, we at least need to know the exact timing of the issue along with the time zone to be able to “guess”. Note, timing is the last option as that still doesn’t show us the exact issue you were seeing - we could be able to guess depending on the nature of the issue, but that’s not always true. Thus, the header or HAR file is the best way to go.

I’ll try to provide those next time this happens.