Page load is slow

Hi everyone, I deployed my portfolio site a while ago But this whole time, the page will take about 5-6 seconds of white screen before loading. I’m wondering if this can be optimized from Netlify’s end.

If not, does anyone have any tips for decreasing page speed or any ideas for what culprits may be the cause of the slow load? My site does not have too much weight to it…

there’s an image which loads named “mountainlake”,it takes 3.5 seconds to load.
try optimizing the image by changing it from jpg to webp and by making it a smaller resolution,the current resolution is 6000x4000,which,to be honest,is too big.

oh wow, how did you manage to get the exact load time? (3.5s)

Tried it. Still taking a while just fetching the page.

pressing F12 on Google Chrome, going into the network tab and refresh the page, there u can see how files are being loaded