Page 404 Response and Page requesting for have a secure HTTPS


I just purchased a domain for cash track nameky but then the page is requesting me to secure my site with HTTPS and the page is reading page 404.

kindly help

Hi, @Eric4. Your index.html file is misnamed. It should be named:


However, it is instead named this:


If you remove the quotes and the ending . from the filename, that will resolve the issue.

Wow, this is timely and perfect. It has worked out

I managed to go about it as advised and the site was live but then in the process I changed the coding to something completely new and different, the page has been lost.

@Eric4 The reason your page displays the source HTML like this:


Is because it has been encoded, so it is no longer HTML, but just text:

Thank you for your feedback, so how can I rectify this problem?

@Eric4 Don’t encode the HTML.