Packaging Functions from out_functions directory never ends or gets cancelled?

Site name: 1. affectionate-thompson-b243df

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This is a NextJS website which makes use of next-on-netlify as SSR is being used. The issue is that when step “Packaging Functions from out_functions directory”… the plugin seems to never end, and build is cancelled.

Any assistance would be gratefully received and thank-you in advance!

hey there. We’ve been a little short staffed this week, but we’ll get you an answer from a functions expert as soon as we can. thanks for your patience!

Hiya @colinappnovation! I think maybe you got this fixed back before Perry responded on 21 Aug, since I see your develop branch deploys go from failing to succeeding with an Aug 19 deploy in the deploys listing. Could you let us know if you are still having this problem?

@fool and @perry - thanks for responses. It was fixed by increasing the build timeout and I am also in communications with finn.woelm around the functions generation.