Package lambda function dependencies (angular universal for ssr)

I have a lambda function that works locally if I copy the dependencies to the functions folder. I would like to know how to compile or zip the dependencies into the function.

I used this repo for reference:

from the (old) blog article:
How to run Express.js apps with Netlify Functions

My function looks simple enough:

const serverless = require('serverless-http');
const { app } = require('./server/main');

exports.handler = serverless(app())

./server/main is an angular universal compiled express app that refers to a small set of angular source html/js/css files to server side render them. These files are not included in the compiled lambda function. I have tried using netlify-lambda and other things to no avail.

Another possible solution is to read the published static files from the file system, but I don’t know where those are.
@attilacsanyi asks this question in:
Angular SSR with Clover Engine and Express on Netlify
but he never returns to say if he got it working and/or how.

Did you check this:

Awesome @hrishikesh ! Great reference. I ended up using included_files in my toml file [functions] section and now it works great. Thank you