Package fails to build when run by Netlify

I need advice to debug deploy

Works in my local computer. Any hints?

hmm, this is seemingly the cause of the problem:

11:45:27 AM: success run static queries - 0.218s - 6/6 27.56/s
11:46:02 AM: failed Building production JavaScript and CSS bundles - 35.389s
11:46:02 AM: error Generating JavaScript bundles failed
11:46:02 AM: /opt/build/repo/styles.9db34dd121d05d29fd00.css:16:5: Unknown word

is there anything unusual going on in your styles css on line 16?

After building the project in my computer, the CSS file is uglified and it contains a single line. The browser is able to render it so I assume it is valid CSS.

Maybe there is any way I can disable the CSS validations performed by netlify-build?

hmm, one thing you could try is to skip the uglifying and let netlify do the asset optimization for you instead, maybe that would help!