Owner repo gitlab but i cant see them


i’'m owner of repo xx ( but invit by owner origin ) .sse…i’m “Adrien”…and i’m invit by Quentin

When i want : create new site → import from gitlab → connect with my acocunt git lab (OK)
I have only repo where im owner origin
Repo xx where i’m owner but not owner origin ( so owner by invitation )…are invisible

What’s the problem ? the solution ?

The problem is find !!!
call api used by netlify is the problem…

Only the projects in the user’s (specified in user_id) namespace are returned. Projects owned by the user in any group or subgroups are not returned. An empty list is returned if a profile is set to private.


please @dev_netlify, what is your solution to ALL dev like me who share/transmit project repo ??
maybe just :slight_smile:

all project call ? filter on owner for example or less ?

Thanks a lot to advance

I up this just if a dev netlify read this…
Can i hope in futur an solution about this call api gitlab who return only project in the user’s nampespace ? ?

We need users to be owners of the repo (and not just collaborators). If you wish to deploy it, you’d have to fork the repo or create a new repo and upload the contents there.