Other DNS options disabled/inactive with Netlify DNS-NS

Hello everyone.
I am experiencing an issue with my custom domain’s DNS settings.

Issue: I cannot change DNS settings (f.x: MX, TXT) for my custom domain since changing the name-server to Netlify. Actually all other DNS settings are disabled when using Netlify NS.

  • Site name: redrumpro.netlify.app
  • Domain: redrumpro.com
  • Host: Strato.de
  • Error message: “This option is inactive because the current DNS configuration of the domain / subdomain prevents the use of this option.”

Any help or tips would be highly appreciated!

Best regards,

Hi @GreyhatDemonlord,

Sounds like you’ll need to setup your DNS changes here:

If you’re setting up email (to receive) you can follow our Support Guide here: