Openstreetmap in Hugo Serif Theme

Hello Community!
I need your help to embed a Openstreetmap HTML code in Hugo Serif theme. I’d like to place the map in the contact page. I have copied and pasted the HTML. When I trigger a deploy, it works fine but it doesn’t show on the page. Here is my code:


Visualizza mappa ingrandita

Can someone help?
Many thanks!!!

Can you share the url of your site? Do you have any build errors or errors in the console of your browser?


Also, as you see in the image, everything seems to work.

Do other changes in reach your website? I’m happy to take a look at your github repo if you’re willing to share it

From what I see, everything seems to be working in
That would be great, thank you! This is the link: GitHub - FChia11/hugo-serif-theme: Serif is a modern business theme for Hugo.

Hugo is removing the HTML and inserting this comment…


If you google for “hugo raw html omitted” you’ll find plenty of results that explain what is occurring and how to fix it, for example:

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Thank you very much! It works now!