Only second refresh of website shows latest website every time

Website needs to be refreshed in the browser to fetch the latest website every time, Else old website from CDN cache is displayed

Site: |


Visit Hot & Cold Foldable Hair Dryer , Check the alt tag of the red hair dryer image. It will be alt=“Product #1” .

Now refresh the web page and check the alt tag of the same image again, It will be alt=“Red hair dryer, black wire with blower facing right” . This is from the latest deployment.

How can I clear the CDN cache and get the latest deployment always? I’ve tested with several browsers after removing cache and results are same.

This is a manual deployment, I have tried pushing the website using netlify deploy --prod too with same results.

@Abishek_Muthian Just letting you know what I see here.

1st load - Main hair dryer image

Red hair dryer, black wire with blower facing right

1st load - “You might also like” hair dryer image

Compact Hair Dryer

2nd load - both same as 1st load

Thank you for your time Nathan.

Did you try the specific product page? Because in the general products page the alt tags were there from the first deployment.

e.g. Here’s the Hiking boots page - Hiking Boots

First try -

After refresh, the alt tag “Male brown hiking boots with grey heels and mid-top ankle” is displayed properly (I cannot attach second image due to new user account).

There’s a possibility that the hiking boots product page works fine for you as well if the link is posted here, So please try some other product page too and check its alt tag from .

@Abishek_Muthian It was the specific product page that I visited, (the one that you had linked with “Hot & Cold Foldable Hair Dryer”), I never visited the main page.

The Hiking Boots page you have linked shows:

1st load

Male brown hiking boots with grey heels and mid-top ankle

2nd load
Same, no change

This is very weird, I even checked with a VPN with different countries assuming its because of my IP and I get only alt="Product #1" until I refresh the page.

Can you please check a random product from this page - All Products ; Because I think posting direct page link here clears the CDN cache somehow.

@Abishek_Muthian I can confirm doing that allows me to see the same thing that you’re describing.

I selected the Pleated A-Line Skirt.

On the 1st load of the product detail page the alt tag was Product #1.


On the 2nd load of the same page the alt tag was Grey black floral-fractal pleated A-Line skirt facing front.


So your theory about the forum making a request to the url to unfurl it may be correct.

Out of interest, is your project entirely static, or does it utilize functions/SSR?

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Wow, thank you very much for confirming the issue and being patient with me.

This project is entirely static.

As you can see that this is an accessibility project, Alt tags are very important my initial deployments had a placeholder i.e. “Product #X” and my latest deployments have alt tags for all product images but the CDN is not giving the latest deployment.

Do you have any recommendations?

I hope someone from netlify infra team could manually clear my CDN cache?

I have no suggestions, I’ve never encountered anything like it, and I don’t work for Netlify.

I just know that it sometimes helps to have a second set of eyes confirm if something is/isn’t happening, and that even just doing that can help understand a problem and thus solve it.

The Netlify staff will be able to investigate further for you.

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Hi, @Abishek_Muthian. I see you opened a support ticket about this. I’ve replied there. This does not appear to be a caching issue but, instead, a client-side javascript issue.

Please feel free to reply here or to the support ticket, whichever you prefer.

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You’re right, Issue is with the client side routing. I’m sorry for wasting your and nathan’s time.

You can close the support ticket as well.

Thank you.

thanks for confirming.