Only invoke Netlify functions for server-side rendered pages when using @netlify/plugin-gatsbyc


We’ve been using the @netlify/plugin-gatsby package to enable server side rendering on (custom domain is

We’re currently using SSR in production for Treat Acne, Fine Lines and More | Curology Custom Skincare | Start Your Free Trial, while all other pages are static.

I noticed that our Netlify function request usage represents all traffic from our entire app, rather than that of the single page that is server-rendered. This means we run the risk of hitting the request limit for “functions level 1” even though our server-rendered page only has a few hundred requests.


  1. Is it possible to only utilize Netlify functions for pages that are server-rendered using Gatsby’s SSR functionality (page components that export getServerData)?
  2. What will happen when we beyond the request limit in “function level 1”?

Thanks for the support! Our team has been really happy with how well SSR has worked with the @netlify/plugin-gatsby package so far.

~ Chris

Hey @chrisq21,

At the moment, I’m not seeing any functions for that site. Has something changed?