Only allow registration and authentication of users from a specific organization

Hi! I’m new to Netlify and not a developer.

We’re designing a private website for a client and we’d like it to be visible only to people in their organization.

We can’t have a single password protecting the website because that would not satisfy their security guidelines. We also can’t assign accounts to / invite every single employee in their organization.

Is there an authentication method that only allows people from a specific domain to register and view our website?

The client in question uses the Google Workspace suite, so authentication through Google would be ideal.

Thank you very much!

Hi @bpresser

Ou identify feature may be of some help, but it only goes as far as integrating with Google Oath:

It can be extended to branded oauth but I’m not sure that’s the best path here.

Alternatively, you could gate content using Edge Functions and only serve content for a particular set of users that match specific criteria. Take a look at our examples and see if they inspire you to create something:

Hope this helps!


I read through Google’s Oauth API and apparently it’s possible to limit registration to specific e-mail domains using a parameter called hd. Sounds very promising, we’ll be testing that.

I’ll look into Edge Functions as well, thanks for sharing that.

Happy to help! Feel free to share your solution with the community if you build something cool! I’d love to hear more about this, looks promising.

good luck :crossed_fingers: