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One of my pages works on localhost 1234 but doesn't work on netlify

I have checked and I do believe I have and index.html page as it is my source.
The page works fine in local host but on netlify it doesn’t.
Here is a link to my site and if you click the link on the bottom of the login page to register you will see that it is not working. All I got was an error 404 message nothing else.


I have no idea what code you guys need I am a first timer here.

Hi @Drxl95

It is a React app?

As per Netlify docs History pushstate and single-page apps you need to add a rewrite. Put the following into a _redirects file.

/*    /index.html   200

This file needs to reside in your publish directory.

I don’t have a publish file, I built this with parcel.

The publish directory is the directory Netlify publishes once parcel has built your site (by default the dist directory is created by parcel.) This is where is aforementioned file needs to reside.

so do i put the file or the publish folder with the file in it into dist? I see no publish directory in my dist.

EDIT: I got it to work thanks!