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One git push creates two builds

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  • we need to know your netlify site name. Example: gifted-antelope-58b104.netlify.app
    Is this what you need? I’m not sure what the original Netlify-generated site name was.

  • Build problems? Link or paste the FULL build log & build settings screenshot
    The problem is not with the build. It is that two builds are being started with a single push to the gitlab repository.

Note the following:

  1. the same commit message: “Add formatting for mobile to cities list”
  2. the same time on both builds

Hi, @witcradg. The current subdomain (delta8gatsby23) was perfect. The original name isn’t important at all.

First, I want to include a bit of explanation about difference between how GitHub works with Netlify versus how all other Git service work with Netlify. (Your site’s repo being not being at GitHub is part of the explanation.)

With GitHub repo, the Netlify GitHub app and internal automations at GitHub take care of notifying us about new commits to the repo so they trigger builds at Netlify.

However, for Bitbucket and GitLab, when a repo is linked to a site, a webhook URL is created at Netlify and then the repo at the Git host (Bitbucket/GitLab) gets a webhook notification configured to call that URL when commits occur.

I mention all this because what I suspect happened is that this repo was relinked to the site. If so, the relinking might have created at second outgoing webhook notification at the Git host. Again, if so, then a single commit would trigger two builds at Netlify.

You can confirm this in the repo settings at the Git host. Here is a GitLab example below (under “Repo name here” > Settings > Webhooks):

If you delete the “extra” webhook(s), it should fix the issue. If not or if there are other question, we’ll be here and please reply anytime.


Absolutely perfect response. Easily understood and followed and it cleared the issue.
Thank you.


Happy to hear that everything is up and running as expected now. :netliconfetti: Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions that pop up in the future!

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