One-click-hugo-cms Javascript churn

I’m close to proposing the Netlify CMS at my workplace.

Before I do, I have a couple of questions:

  1. How do I keep JS dependencies up to date?

  2. Is there a version of the starter template that has no Javascript to minimize this churn?

Many thanks,

Hi @kaihendry, you could use something like to keep your dependencies up to date.
Another option use the CMS directly from CDN like so:
But that makes it a bit harder to register custom preview templates/widgets.

Thank you @erez !

Tbh I do not understand how the Netlfy CMS works.

Can I assume that if I use it directly from the CMS as you propose I can:

  1. Forget about Webpack pipelines aka
  2. RE “custom preview templates/widgets”, not be able to edit partials that I create additionally over the Kaldi theme?

Are there any projects on Github that take the same approach?

Ultimately my goal is a basic statically generated Website that my less technical colleagues can edit (via Forms) as well as I via git?

Thank you!

Netlify CMS is a content management application which uses git hosting services API (e.g. GitHub) as a backend. It hides the complexity of managing content via GitHub API from you.

It is very extendable as you can register a variety of your own React components. If you use JSX syntax and/or a styling library you probably need a build step so working from CDN is not an option.
If you register you own components via pure JS code you can work directly from CDN.

I would recommend using renovate instead of directly from CDN as you can control when new dependencies are introduced, and it is easier to share code between the CMS and your frontend.
The repo you linked uses it:

So if you forked/cloned it you probably only need to give the renovate bot access.

I need to avoid JS churn for my sanity and for less technical colleagues. I want to go down the CDN option.

If you really want to avoid JS churn, I’d recommend using a different template that’s straight Hugo and just adding Netlify CMS - there’s a guide for doing so without using a Netlify CMS specific template:

Just noticed the CMS is 4M!

Definitely something we want to cut down, but hasn’t been a top priority. 4mb is big for a general JS library, but this is an actual content management system running entirely in your browser, so we hope folks can be somewhat understanding. Takes a bit of code to do that.

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