One Blank Page on Mobile


I have successfully deployed my app on Netlify, and it works well on Desktop, however, there is only one page that appears blank when I navigate to it using Chrome on my iPhone. For example, I can log in, access the dashboard and access another page on my phone, but if I click on the Take Inventory page specifically, it comes up blank. I have tried tinkering with _redirects (/* /index.html 200) and react-router setup and package.json, but I can’t get that one page working. When I use Chrome Developer tools and switch to mobile, it works fine, just not when I’m actually on my phone testing it. The site is and the Inventory page is the one giving me trouble. I am also having a bit of trouble with saving to the DB on mobile, but that’s another issue. I’m hoping to just get that page working for now. Any ideas?
Github link:

hi there @mgvoz - any progress on this?

which browser are you using on mobile? any extensions?

Hello! Yes, I was able to get it working. The page that wouldn’t load uses the device webcam and an experimental api, so I was able to figure out which parts of the code was causing it not to load properly (some features were unsupported). Thanks for your reply!