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On demand builders should be live in `.netlify/functions` instead of `.netlify/builders`

According to On-demand Builders | Netlify Docs on demand builders should be in .netlify/builders directory but it’s not working. I had to change my functions directory to .netlify/functions directory or move builder to .netlify/functions directory. Am I wrong? Please describe it.

Hi @ksenginew

Netlify automatically looks in netlify/functions and builds and deploys any functions within that directory. Builders reside in the same directory as functions and after building functions are available via /.netlify/functions/<function-name> and builders via /.nelify/builders/<builder-name> as per the documentation you linked to.

For clarification, I have created a simple demonstration coelmay/builders-test which is deployed at unruffled-jepsen-e51ace.netlify.app.

I have added a dev branch with extra content pages published at dev–unruffled-jepsen-e51ace.netlify.app

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Thanks, That’s the best way to explain it.