On creating subdomain got an error multiple times

I think this A:400 is referring to some error don’t know what it is.

Hey @clarnx Can you help me on this one?

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Hi @Sameedahmad, thanks for the post.

Before you can enable branch subdomains, you must enable branch deploys for your branch and successfully deploy your branch.

To add a new branch subdomain, go to your site settings under Domain management > Domains > Branch subdomains, and select New subdomain.

Make sure you have enabled branch subdomains.

For more information check the link below.

Let me know the outcome.


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Yes, I have enabled that option here:

It also suggests me you can create a subdomain but when I click it gives that above error again.

@clarnx Here are my custom domains:

Hi @Sameedahmad, I see that you have the warning text Check DNS configuration.
Kindly make sure you have properly configured your DNS.

Also check the guide below.


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