Odd issue with OpenGraph images in a Gatsby site

I’m having an odd issue where I’m using Cloudinary to generate social cards, I updated a title of a blog post, thus causing a new meta tag link being generated. Before turning off prerendering I could not see the updated card (even after clearing cache and redeploying). Setting the site up fresh works fine, but now half of the social sites show the new OpenGraph image, and half show the old one; for example LinkedIn shows the old card, Discord shows the new card. I waited about a week to see if the issue would resolve itself to no avail.

Blog post in question: https://josefaidt.dev/blog/2020/04/express-filesystem-routing/

Hey @josefaidt,
This is the og:image I see at the link you shared:

Are you saying that’s not what LinkedIn is showing? Could you check the html of the LinkedIn page and see if it’s pulling that same resource? Also, if you could share your Netlify url, we could dig in further.

In the meantime, also sharing this tutorial by our own Jason Lengstorf on using Cloudinary to generate social cards for Gatsby sites- may have something useful for you :slight_smile: :

Hi @jen,

Thanks for the reply. Yes it is super odd, and I actually used Jason’s post! Super helpful material. Using that link on LinkedIn produces odd results (using the old SEO). This is via the alias, but if I use the Netlify link (https://josefaidt.netlify.com) it works. This seems to also affect Twitter. When asking around a community someone noted the metadata being cached on their end, which sounds plausible to me. Would that be a valid assumption? It is also why I waited about a week to check back on it.

Awesome, that’s great to hear that you enjoyed Jason’s post.

So, yes, “it was caching” was a valid assumption :slight_smile: Prerendering does have its own cache that lasts for up to 48 hours, and new site deploys do not update that cache. My colleague and I checked the prerender cache for your site this afternoon and it was empty. Are you still running into that inconsistency across services?

And here’s more on our prerendering feature: