Obsolete / deprecated packages in use

While deploying the website I have noticed these messages related to obsolete packages in use.

What’s the best practice to have them fixed out?


hey there,

your best bet is to update packages locally using npm update, as described here:


then, make sure your site/app builds and runs locally as expected! This is important as it is very, very common that updating dependencies can cause some things to stop working or require some tweaks. After all, you are shifting configurations and there are a lot of moving parts.

When you are satisfied that all is well, commit your updated package.json file and your package lock file, but not the node modules (you should be gitignoring those), and push.

If you then choose clear cache & redeploy via the ui we will delete the node_modules folder on our end, and pull down all fresh new updated packages as per your specifications.


Right. Thank you! Then WIP.

Right, so I did how you advised. Things went okay-ish. Got some issues along the path. For anyone encountering the same error messages regards libvips, check these:

Got this one useful too:

Hey @Obitron,

It’s really reassuring to see people going back and updating their dependencies! Thanks for the feedback and resources :+1:.