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Nuxt on-demand builds

Do we know if Nuxt supports the Netlify on-demand builds? Do we have any example of its usage? Thanks!

Hi there, you can use Nuxt with On-demand Builders! Are you looking for an example site, or example code?

For Nuxt information, you can always check out Jamstack Explorers as well as the Deploy Nuxt on Netlify documentation

Hi @hillary, thanks for your reply.

We already use Nuxt with Netlify for quite a while, I was just specifically looking for an example on how to handle the On-Demand Builders to generate specific pages using Nuxt. I know Next (React) apparently has some working examples already on that, so I was just wondering if Netlify has also some specific instructions or plugins to use it with Nuxt (Vue)?


I think this is a great question! There is mention in the On-demand Builders announcement

…and are looking forward to seeing examples from the Nuxt community.

Perhaps a good place to ask this question is the NuxtJS Discord channel too. It’s very Nuxty over there :sweat_smile:

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@coelmay Exactly, also noted this mention in the article, but haven’t found any material on it yet, hence the question. :slight_smile:

Good suggestion, I’ve just posted the question in the NuxtJS discord channel. Hope we can get some insights. :pray:

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Hey there, @website-devs and @coelmay :wave:

Thanks for sharing that link! Unfortunately, I spoke to the team and we do not have a example at this time to share. That being said, if your conversation on the Nuxt discord is beneficial, please do come back and share your findings.