Nuxt content query returning 400


I’m running a Nuxt website with Nuxt Content headless CMS. Since today the content queries are returning 400. I assumed it could have something to do with a change that I did so I deployed an earlier commit but the issue remained. I also opened some of my older preview environments but they give the same error. When building and starting the app locally everything works fine.

One of the main issues is that the content is not showing on the pages. For example Vacatures Openpeople should show job openings but nothing is shown ATM.

I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this on the server side.

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I am also experiencing this issue as of today. We have multiple client sites on Netlify which use nuxt-content for many sections of their sites, and all of these nuxt-content sections are broken today. They were all working fine as of yesterday - and their published deploys haven’t changed in several weeks.

What’s going on here?

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What can I say. Vercel ok🎉

My site has the same issue. Yesterday the content from Nuxt 3 Content module appeared fine, today I am getting loads of 400 errors.

I have switched to multiple previously working builds - that did nothing, so I am assuming something changed on the Netlify side?

Please help!



Same issue here.

Everything was working two days ago but since yesterday I’m experiencing 400 errors in the console on /api/_content endpoints.

Even the starter netlify template is having this issue (code : GitHub - bencodezen/nuxt-content-v2-netlify-template / demo : About Content v2)

Thanks for the help



Same issue here.Since yesterday I’m experiencing 400 errors in the console on /api/_content endpoints.

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I’m happy to report my website seems to be working fine now, hurray! :tada:
It would be nice to know what exactly happened there :face_with_monocle:

Same here :tada: Thank you support team (or netlify ghost)

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Same here, would be nice to know what was the issue.

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All of our nuxt-content client sites are working now as well. I would love some insight from Netlify on why this happened in the first place.

If we have a published deploy, that deploy should remain immutable unless and until we make any updates to it. But that was not the case yesterday - we had many weeks-old published deploys suddenly broken, with no indication from Netlify as to why.

This was a result of some CDN-level changes on our end. We were making changes to implement stricter validation on the query strings, which would help us prevent other issues. As soon as we saw the complaints, this was rolled-back. Nuxt Query really generates some non-standard query parameters, for example:


We had not considered this use-case completely before rolling it out.

That’s never going to be the case. CDN-level changes are always indepdent of your deploys. We cannot set a version of the CDN per deploy. Just like when Netlify goes down due to an incident, immutable deploys won’t help, same is the case here.

Thanks for the info. I understand the CDN is independent of the deploys, but my point is that CDN-level changes (or any other system changes) should never break our existing deploys. We have a half dozen client sites running nuxt-content, and all those sites were broken for at least a day without any info from you guys. Stuff happens, I get it, but we can’t afford to have stuff like that happen again.