Now Available: Function Logs Text Filter & Time Selection

Greetings! We are excited to share two new Function logs updates with you today!

Function Log Text Filtering

You can now filter the contents of the Function logs output with simple text matches on request ID, log message, or log level including INFO, ERROR, WARN, and more!

Function Log Time Selection

This feature allows you to view Function logs for different timeframes, including the latest (now+forward, tailing), the last hour, or from within a custom timeframe.

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Can you comment on the availability of logs for event fired funcs? I’ve got a deploy-succeeded function, and I know it ran yesterday afternoon. I tried to find the logs yesterday, and nothing showed up. I tried again today, setting the filter to yesterday, 9ish AM, a full 24 hours, and nothing shows up in the log.

Hi, did the deploy include changes to your deploy-succeeded function? If so, this would be expected (per our docs here).

We are currently considering options to support tracking logs for updated functions across deployments. More info on this as it is available.

No, it did not. I’m not sure how the docs you linked to apply here. A new build will clear logs, but deploy-succeeded runs when the build is done, right? Or is it considered part of the ‘whole build process’ which means, in theory, that function could never have it’s log available?

OK, I may have misunderstood the issue you are seeing. Let me confirm expectations of deploy-succeeded and its output.

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