Not to get deploed site dy netlify

I cant deploy my site on Netlify.It constantly gets failed

@njm-5558 Please provided additional details so you can get assistance.

For example the specific error you’re seeing in the build logs, or the entire build log if you can’t tell why it is failing.

It is Deploy log error: 1:30:51 AM: [ERROR] Deploy logs are currently unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue.

this is usually a transient error that resolves itself - is this still happening?

if yes, please provide us with a bit more information - for example your site name (or API ID), so we can look into things for you.

Thank you so much for your consideration.
Here is my code source on Git Hub:

so you can confirm you tried again and you still saw the error?

After more than 20 times deploying that I received an error I noticed one of my efforts got deployed, however, the site is not complete. I mean all of my changes on Git Hub weren’t fixed on my project. In addition, my next efforts were in vain

does this mean that the last deploy went through, so you fixed the issue yourself? please try to give as much precise information as you can when you post, and try to anticipate which questions we might ask.

if would be helpful to have a more information to be able to understand what is happening - please post a most recent build and deploy log, screenshots of any errors, the contents of your package.json file, and also a description (ideally screenshot) of the differences you are seeing on the site that don’t show your changes.

can you confirm you included all of the changes in the commit that you deployed and pushed?

when I tried to deploy the site, Netlify constantly sent an error, and deployment failed. But, after a day when I checked my sites, I noticed that one of them has been deployed. However, I have committed all changes on Github, my site didn’t include all features and that was strange. I even tried to deploy again to hopefully have the complete site, but unfortunately, my efforts were inconclusive. I sent some screenshots from Netlify errors

You need to change your build command to CI= npm run build.