Not sure how to issue SSL certificate for Gandi domain


I have a website on Netlify (
I have a domain name bought on Gandi ( )

To create a SSL certificate, Gandi ask me to create a CNAM DNS
(I don’t know if those codes are private so i censored the picture) :

I’m not sure what am I supposed to write as name/value so I did it like that on Netlify :

Is it correct ?
I created the DNS yesterday afternoon and today I still have this error message on Gandi :


If you’re planning to connect that domain to Netlify, just change the nameservers to the one Netlify says in your dashboard and Netlify would manage the SSL itself.

If you’re not connecting the domain to Netlify and want the SSL, it’s beyond the scope of this forum sadly.

ok thank you, I thought I had to set the ssl on the website where I bought the domain name, didn’t know netlify could do it automatically for free

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