Not secure website


My website is suddenly not secure and unable to reach.

It gives this error:
“Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more”

I am not sure why, I did not change anything.


Thank you

Hey @rachelkimgd

The domain is not configured correctly to use Netlify as outlined in the configure external DNS for a custom domain.

Currently there is a CNAME for the www subdomain pointing to the apex, and the apex domain is not pointing to the Netlify load balancer as outline in the above documentation.

Thank you for your reply!

So would I have to edit something on the domain provider?

Is there a reason why this happened suddenly? It worked until few days ago and I don’t think I edit anything.

Yes, you will need to make changes to the DNS records with the registrar.

The insecurity is due to no having a valid certificate for or This could happen because Netlify’s systems couldn’t verify the domain was served by Netlify given the DNS isn’t configured correctly.

I put A host and put for value, Is this correct way to fix this?

I tried to do it with CNAME but it gave me error when I try to leave the host empty

Hey @rachelkimgd

You need to remove the record with the IP

The record with the IP is correct.

As you have the IP above, you don’t set the CNAME pointing to the load balancer. You need to see a CNAME for the www subdomain. Host name is www and value is your Netlify site (e.g.