Not receiving any emails in my Godaddy Gmail Account

I am not receiving emails in my Godaddy Gmail. I have checked similar topics, but they do not seem to answer the problem correctly. I checked with Godaddy support team, and they asked me to add the MX record. But it is not working. Do I need to add any other records from Godaddy in Netlify to make it work? Please help me. thank you.

Hi @raj

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When you say Gmail, are you using Google Workspace?

@raj I don’t think this is going to work because you have delegated DNS to Netlify, and Netlify does not support e-mail services. So even though you are trying to get around this by essentially redirecting incoming mail – first by the MX record, and then by the A record for your mail custom subdomain – I would be surprised if this was a valid setup.