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Not getting user context in call back with Auth0

Hi Team,

I am trying to implement Auth0 on one of the below application.


It will be redirected to the login screen but after login not getting “user context” for logged-in user. It works with localhost configuration.

Following is the configuration on Auth0.

First I have tried with the same URL for “Allow Web Origin” and “Allow Origins(CORS)”
but, I didn’t work then tried with the wildcard character but it also not working.

Let me know if anything missing for these issues.

Rakesh Kanani


I’m not sure what you mean “user context”. I this something that is specific to Auth0? Are you referring to the context object found in a Lambda Function?

If it is specific to Auth0, perhaps their support can point you in the right direction. After that, you can let us know if they determine that there is an issue on our end and we’ll go from there.