Not everyone can open my website, why? 🤔

Recently, I made a website using Gatsbyjs and Netlify. I used a custome domain and could deploy my site after taking the required steps. Here is the address:!
Although, when I share my website, some people(including myself when I wanted to open the site with my phone) couldn’t load anything. I’ll attach the screenshot of my phone when it can’t be loaded.
Thanks in advance!
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-18 at 8.12.09 PM|243x500

Connection Reset error mostly happens due to ISP config and is generally a local issue. Read a recent thread about the same here: Domain is not loading. it was fine last week. What happened?

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But can it have any relation with the country we’re living in? I’m in Iran and I worry if this can cause any trouble. I was going to build another webpage for a greater audience but I’m not sure if this problem will still persist!

As I said, it’s the internet service provider’s problem. So, irrespective of region, if the service provider has kind of blocked the domain, or IP address, it would result in the error.

For example, I’m in India and if I try to visit a website banned by the Indian government on my WiFi, I get a connection reset error, however, I get a generic ‘page blocked by government error’ if I visit using my cellular network. This was just an example, and I don’t mean that your website is banned by anyone. I just wanted to make a point that the error pages might differ due to network.

You might get different results when visiting your page from a different network. Thus, I can’t say for sure if any large scale website would suffer the same fate or no.