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Not deploy all images nor any animation

Hi guys,

still need support, sorry for that! I fixed the theme visualization problems but I still have some troubles seeing images and so other.

The base theme is Portio Hugo and so the result should be as you can see from the base theme here: https://themes.gohugo.io/theme/portio-hugo/

Here the link: https://a26apartments.netlify.app/

Apart from the Google Api error (which is ok since I’m not using API KEY), Firefox gives me that error:

Errore mapping di origine: Error: request failed with status 404
URL risorsa: https://a26apartments.netlify.app/plugins/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js
URL mapping di origine: bootstrap.min.js.map

Don’t know if could be that

Let me know if you can,


I just tried your website in Firefox (and Chrome). I am not getting any 404s. Even the link that you mentioned (https://a26apartments.netlify.app/plugins/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js) loads just fine.

It doesn’t work because it don’t charge svg images (see for example he creative service part in the homepage)

Let me know

I had seen that before, but, you talked about that bootstrap, so, I thought you’re aware about the SVGs. For some reason, the SVG is faulty. It’s not because a 404, but, some wrong SVG code When you open the SVG in the new browser tab, it show the XML code instead of rendering the SVG. Try recreating the SVG some other way.

For example, this is the UI/UX SVG when imported in CorelDRAW (Vector graphics application):

And this is how it renders in Chrome:

It worked! Thanks a lot!

For who wants to solve as me, I simply copied svg files again