Not able to link my route domain

  • Netlify site name: ecommerce-multimedia
  • Custom domain:
  • Build: I have no problem building the site.


I bought the following domain on google domains: “techsource .fr”

I’d like my website to be accessible at the following URLs:

Unfortunately, at the moment my website is only accessible at “” and not at “”.
When trying to add “techsource .fr” on google domains I get an error telling me that “It is impossible to add CNAME records to the root domain”.

I know that there is something that I’m not doing correctly but since I’m not very familiar with DNS I don’t understand all the jargon.

Could you help me please ?

Also, when trying to access “www.techsource .fr” from the nextlify dashboard it redirects me to “techsource .fr” and I since the url doesn’t work at the moment I see an error message telling that it cannot find the website. This is only happening on my current browser (not on my mobile phone or in my incognito window).

Thank you in advance.

CNAME cannot be added to an apex domain unless your DNS provider supports CNAME flatenning. For apex domain, you need to add an A record: