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Not able to change domain when SSL is provisioning

Accidentally added the wrong domain (as primary-domain) and requested a SSL Certificate (Let’s encrypt). After that it is not possible to change that domain because of the following error:

We’re provisioning a certificate for your site, you cannot change custom domains until that process completes

Tried to add the right domain as additional domain and set it as primary. But also not possible due the same error message as above.

How can I cancel the SSL provisioning request so I am able to change the primary domain?


@annejan Unless someone at Netlify can do this, my guess is that you’ll just have to wait for the process to time out.

Been waiting for that automatic cancellation for a few days. Not just a bug or some unknown weird loop in the admin panel?

@annejan I’ll try to escalate this issue so Netlify tech support will take a look at it.

Hi, @annejan. Our support team would be happy to take a look. Which site is affected? (The site subdomain or the API ID will tell us which site to check.)

Hi @luke I’m currently in a similar situation.

I’ve set up three domains of which only the last one is actually needed. I can’t reassign the primary domain though due to the same message:

We’re provisioning a certificate for your site, you cannot change custom domains until that process completes

The API ID for the account is f2d978ef-b24c-4671-8b63-479a95c1af12. Feel free to get rid of the two domains with the missing DNS configuration if it makes your life easier :slight_smile:

Hi, @danielberndt. I’ve removed the SSL provisioning flag so you should be able to make changes to the domain names now.

If you still have any issue when making this change, please let us know.

Hi @luke, thanks for the reply! The problem is still present though. The output is still the same.

Hi, @danielberndt. I have removed the other domain names and updated the SSL certificate for the remaining domain name with working DNS records.

If there are other questions or if the issue is still not resolved, please let us know.

Thanks @luke! :netliconfetti:

Let’s hope the underlying issue isn’t too annoying to find and fix :sweat_smile:

Hello, I am having this problem now as well. I would like to remove the custom domain viennahypertext.com ?

Hi @russellpekala - Welcome to the Forums!

I am not seeing that domain on a Netlify site currently. Were you able to remove it? If not, mind linking me to the site on Netlify? Thank you.