Not able to add custom domain I just bought through Netlify

Pretty much what’s in the title, but to give a little more context:

Just bought a custom domain through Netlify. I was able to verify the domain, but got a red error saying it could not be bought. When I refresh the page and verify again, it says the domain is still available. When I look at my domains page, that custom domain shows up but says it’s registered externally.

Meanwhile, the domain fee has been deducted from my account.
I’m not able to add that custom domain for my site
So, can you help me change the URL for my site below? Thanks!

Existing Netlify site name:
Desired custom domain:

hi @heyamjoe ! that seems frustrating. i have just moved your inquiry to our billing desk so you can talk to a support engineer about this. we’ll reach out to you by email as soon as we have availability.

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